Making the Best  Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Filling

Pro Tip #1 Use plastic wrap and an airtight container to store your cake layers in the freezer for at least 15 minutes before assembling. When the cake is cold, the crumbs are better held in place. This means they won't get caught in the frosting, creating a messier look.

Pro Tip #2 Use frosting on a cake circle to act as glue to hold the layers in place. 

Pro Tip #3 Pipe a thick border to contain filling.

Pro Tip #3.5  The border should be the height of the strawberries so their juice doesn't leak out!

Pro Tip #4 After placing second cake layer on top of the first, add more frosting between the layers as needed to insulate the berries.

Pro Tip #5 Use a cake scraper to create a smooth frosting.

Pro Tip #6 To create a marbled effect, pipe lines of both pink and white frosting around and on top of the cake.

Pro Tip #7 For extra strawberry flavor, top cake with more roasted strawberries.

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