Decorating Easy Wreath Cookies

Once you've prepared your cookie dough, you'll roll it onto your kitchen counter to flatten.

Once the dough is flattened and roughly a quarter of an inch thick, press the round cutter into it.

Use the larger end of a big piping tip (like Wilton 2D) to cut out the middle sections of each wreath and add it back to your remaining dough.

Use a spatula to lift and transfer dough onto ungreased aluminum baking sheets or space out the cookies on silicon mats and slide those onto each baking sheet to bake for about 12 minutes.

As cookies bake, make your frosting by combining buttercream ingredients. Then divide frosting into separate bowls for mixing colors. Green, red, and white keep it simple, but feel free to be more creative here for your own wreaths!

Add frosting to piping bags, and press the tips against the cookies to make rings of frosting. A small open star tip works well for texture.

For variety, you could alternate with multiple shades of green buttercream and piping tips.

Use your red frosting in a piping bag to dot your wreath with berries or create a ribbon.

Sprinkles or seasonal M&Ms are a few of the other ways you can dress up your designs.

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