Decorating Dirty Chai Spice Cake

Pipe or spread a dollop of chai frosting onto a cake circle to hold the layer in place. Then, set first cake layer on top of that.

Alternating between your two frostings, pipe about a quarter of your frosting atop the bottom layer.

Then, spread frosting evenly with a cake spatula or large metal spoon.

Place next cake layer on top of first.

Add and spread espresso frosting.

Repeat steps with final layer.

Starting from the base of the cake and moving to the top, pipe a thick layer of frosting around the three layers of your cake’s sides and top.

Fill in gaps with brown chai frosting, alternating between it and the white buttercream.

Place a cake scraper against the side of the cake and gently pull the cake around to smooth out frosting.

Continue using this tool and an offset spatula against the top to create a marbled effect.

Lastly, switch to a decorative piping tip for detailing. Include cinnamon sticks for added decor.

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